What is Long Travel Suspension?

What is long travel suspension?

Long travel suspension is a type of suspension system that is commonly used in off-road vehicles. It is designed to provide improved ground clearance, stability, and comfort when driving on rough terrain. The key difference between long-travel suspension and a standard road vehicle suspension system is the increased suspension travel. This allows the wheels to move more freely up and down, providing greater clearance over obstacles and improved handling over rough terrain.

The main components of a long-travel suspension system are shock absorbers and suspension arms. These components are typically longer than those found in a standard road vehicle, providing more room for the wheels to move. The shock absorbers are designed to absorb the impact of rough terrain, reducing the amount of stress on the vehicle's chassis and providing a smoother ride. The suspension arms, on the other hand, provide support and stability to the vehicle's suspension system.

Long travel suspension is often used in off-road vehicles such as sandrails, rock crawlers, and desert racers. These vehicles require increased suspension travel to handle the extreme conditions of off-road terrain, including steep inclines, large rocks, and deep sand. With long travel suspension, these vehicles are able to maintain traction and stability over rough terrain, allowing the driver to maintain control of the vehicle even at high speeds.

Another benefit of long travel suspension is improved comfort. With the increased suspension travel, the vehicle is able to absorb more of the shock from rough terrain, reducing the amount of stress on the chassis and providing a smoother ride. This is particularly important in vehicles used for extended off-road trips, where comfort is a key consideration.

However, long travel suspension is not without its drawbacks. One of the main disadvantages is the increased weight and complexity of the suspension system. The longer suspension components and larger shocks add weight to the vehicle, which can negatively impact performance. Additionally, the increased complexity of the system can make it more difficult to repair or maintain.

In conclusion, long travel suspension is an essential component of off-road vehicles designed for extreme terrain. With increased suspension travel, improved ground clearance, stability, and comfort, this type of suspension system provides drivers with the capability to handle even the toughest off-road conditions. While there are some drawbacks to long travel suspension, the benefits it provides make it a popular choice for off-road enthusiasts and professional racers alike.

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