What are Reservoir Shocks?

What are Reservoir Shocks?

Reservoir shocks are a type of shock absorber commonly used in rally racing. They are designed to provide improved handling and stability in high-speed off-road conditions, as well as better control of the car's suspension.

A reservoir shock contains a larger, separate chamber filled with oil, which helps to increase the volume of fluid available to the shock. This increased volume helps to maintain consistent damping performance, even in extreme conditions where the temperature of the shock can rise rapidly. The increased fluid volume also helps to reduce cavitation, which can cause the shock to lose effectiveness and helps to extend the life of the shock.

The reservoir on a rally shock is usually mounted remotely from the shock body, which helps to reduce the amount of heat that is transferred to the shock. This helps to maintain consistent performance, even under the high-stress conditions encountered in rally racing. Additionally, the remote mounting allows for greater flexibility in positioning the reservoir, which can help to optimize weight distribution and reduce the overall weight of the car.

Several different types of reservoir shocks areĀ available for rally racing, including piggyback, inline, and remote reservoirs. The type of shock best suited to a particular rally car will depend on several factors, including the car's weight, suspension type, and driving style.

In addition to the improved performance, reservoir shocks also offer a number of other benefits, including increased adjustability and the ability to fine-tune the suspension for different driving conditions. This can help rally drivers to get the most out of their cars, regardless of the terrain or driving conditions.

In conclusion, reservoir shocks are an important component of rally racing. They provide improved handling, stability, and control, helping rally driversĀ push their cars to the limit and achieve the best possible results.

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