What are bypass shocks?

What are bypass shocks?

Bypass shocks are a type of shock absorber commonly used in rally racing. These shocks are designed to improve the handling and stability of a rally car when driving on rough and uneven terrain.

In a traditional shock absorber, oil is forced through small holes or valves in order to dampen the movement of the suspension. Bypass shocks, on the other hand, have multiple stages of damping that can be adjusted to match the conditions of the rally stage. This allows the driver to fine-tune the handling of their car to best suit the demands of the terrain they are driving on.

Bypass shocks work by routing oil through a series of bypass tubes, or ports, rather than through a single orifice. These ports can be adjusted to control the amount of oil that is allowed to flow through the shock, which in turn affects the level of damping. This allows the driver to fine-tune the handling of their car for maximum performance on a variety of different surfaces.

Another advantage of bypass shocks is their ability to handle high-impact shocks and vibrations. The multiple stages of damping and adjustable bypass ports allow the shock to better absorb the energy from high-impact events, such as jumps and rough terrain, without bottoming out.

In conclusion, bypass shocks are a key component in rally racing, providing improved handling and stability on rough and uneven terrain. The ability to adjust the damping levels and fine-tune the handling of the car make bypass shocks a valuable tool for rally drivers looking to achieve maximum performance.
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